Password Manager (VaultWarden)


A VaultWarden will be configured for you on an Evoxt VPS.

  • LastPass/ Dashlane alternative
  • Very secure
  • Open-source
  • Self Hosted

Once a deployment order is placed, we will configure and set this up within 24 hours.

It will cost you $0.99 initially for the first week. The subsequent month will be $2.99 per month to maintain the VPS. An Evoxt account will be created for you with your email to order this service.



We will configure a personal password vault for you running VaultWarden ( Bitwarden Lite Version ).

VaultWarden is a password manager, just like LastPass, but a more secure and self-hosted version.

VaultWarden is very secure as it is coded in a way that even if a hacker or unauthorized user access your server, they still wouldn’t be able to retrieve your password because of the one-way salted hashing algorithm.

This means that no one will be able to reverse-engineer them into your master password.

VaultWarden’s source code is also available publicly online, which gets reviewed by lots of developers and security analysts, making this one of the safest password managers.

Once a deployment order is placed, we will configure and set this up within 24 hours.


We will set up the requested application for you that can be used right away.
However, if any maintenance is required in the future, we will try to help you out as much as we can to keep you as our customers.
Please be reasonable with the request and not expect too much from us as this is not a managed service.
The cost you pay will be for the initial set-up only.
Please treat this as a learning journey for you to understand the awesomeness of self-hosting and hopefully deploy them on your own someday!

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