Personal VPN with Dedicated IP Address (WireGuard Server)


A WireGuard VPN Server will be configured for you on an Evoxt VPS.

Get your very personal WireGuard VPN server set up with a dedicated IP address.

  • Secure
  • Easy to configure
  • Dedicated IP Address

Once a deployment order is placed, we will configure and set this up within 24 hours.

It will cost you $0.99 initially for the first week. The subsequent month will be $2.99 per month to maintain the VPS. An Evoxt account will be created for you with your email to order this service.



WireGuard is an extremely simple yet fast and modern VPN that aims to be faster, and more secure.

This Wireguard installed will be WireGuard script by Nyr due to its simplicity to configure users and profiles.

Using a VPN can protect you from potential hackers or your network providers that are trying to sniff your network traffic.

With a WireGuard set up under Evoxt VPS, you will be getting a dedicated IP address that only you use to connect to the network.

You can also share your VPN with an unlimited number of users as you are the owner and you are in full control of your VPN server.

Once a deployment order is placed, we will configure and set this up within 24 hours.

*** There will be a monthly bandwidth limit of 500GB per month. This should be sufficient for monthly regular use. If this is not sufficient, please contact us to work out a solution for you.

We will set up the requested application for you that can be used right away.
However, if any maintenance is required in the future, we will try to help you out as much as we can to keep you as our customers.
Please be reasonable with the request and not expect too much from us as this is not a managed service.
The cost you pay will be for the initial set-up only.
Please treat this as a learning journey for you to understand the awesomeness of self-hosting and hopefully deploy them on your own someday!

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