Web Based Google Auth (2FAuth)


A 2FAuth will be configured for you on an Evoxt VPS.

  • Google Authenticator alternative
  • Access from any devices
  • Open-source
  • Self-hosted

Once a deployment order is placed, we will configure and set this up within 24 hours.

It will cost you $0.99 initially for the first week. The subsequent month will be $2.99 per month to maintain the VPS. An Evoxt account will be created for you with your email to order this service.



2FAuth is a web-based 2FA client.

2FAuth is beneficial to users that require to keep changing their devices or require to share 2-factor authentication access ( Which you shouldn’t ).

By setting 2FAuth, you will be able to access your 2-factor authentication code through a browser that allows you to retrieve 2FA code in almost every device that has a browser installed on it.

2FAuth has a minimal and user-friendly interface which will be very easy for new users to get used to the interface. With 2FAuth set up, you no longer have to worry about losing any 2FA keys because the keys are hosted on a server.

During cases where you require to change a device, you don’t need to spend hours just to figure out how to export and import your 2FA keys, if you have a 2FAuth configured, just Log in.

2FAuth also has QR code import features which you can easily set up a 2FA key by scanning a QR code.

Once a deployment order is placed, we will configure and set this up within 24 hours.

We will set up the requested application for you that can be used right away.
However, if any maintenance is required in the future, we will try to help you out as much as we can to keep you as our customers.
Please be reasonable with the request and not expect too much from us as this is not a managed service.
The cost you pay will be for the initial set-up only.
Please treat this as a learning journey for you to understand the awesomeness of self-hosting and hopefully deploy them on your own someday!

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